How to reinvent your life — and find your joy — after everything falls apart

Surrender to Joy.DIgital cover
On an August night in San Francisco, my 22-year-old daughter Teal collapsed from a sudden, unexplainable cardiac arrest. This was just a few months after I lost my relationship, my home and a career.

Six days later Teal died, but not before I began to discover the strange and powerful joy that lives inside of loss.

In the year that followed, a  great  love woke up in me as I wrote essay after essay. I learned to let go of ‘my story’, forgive those who had wronged me, and reclaim the power I had lost long ago.

This is healing that is available to all of us … no matter what the loss.

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If you are grief-stricken, facing major shifts in life, or simply looking for more peace and happiness … I wrote these essays for you.

My path back to wholeness is yours.

I wrote about in Surrendering to Joy. Perhaps it is your path as well.

With love from me and Teal …


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